Monica van Rijn,

Dutch Visual artist and painter was born in Amsterdam and grew up in the United States. When she was 25 years old, after getting a university degree in Fine Arts and Sociology in California, she traveled extensively in Europe, Hawaii and Norway.

Monica settled in Amsterdam in 1977 where she studied Philosophy and Painting in the Van Gogh Museum. She has attained international recognition including international gallery and museum shows in Holland and Europe and the United States. Her work can be found in collections across the globe. Besides painting, Monica makes walll elements with hidden compartments.

She founded the concepts of Instant Gallery (the first pop-up) Touching Art Events, Evolutionary Theatre Performances, and where artists of like mind combine talents to inspire others and promote the arts. In 2015 she invites your participation in her latest art installation COLORED BY WAR which is a ‘monument of stories by and dedicated to postwar generations’. If you were born after May 5, 1945 we would appreciate your stories.

See also COLLEGE ART TOUR where together with the audience we interview successful art professionals about the business end of art 4 times per year.

Monica also founded DUTCH ART TOURS where she takes groups to local artists in order to view and purchase art. Dutch Art Tours is based in Amsterdam North (Halte where she paints and works. She also acts as intermediair for internationally established artists in The Netherlands.

Photo: Ben Knoop