Special Projects

1992-2000: Designs Finata Bank Art Engagement Calendars; Designs Windig Art New Years Cards; Designs Painted Art Objects for STAGO B.V; Creates Celebration Portraits for Finata Bank and for various businesses and individuals; Creates ‘Smart Dummies’ & ‘Life Lines’ & ‘Van Rijn’s Original ‘Hidden Framed Books’ (registered trademark); Produces Silk Screen series ‘Heart of the Matter’ for the 10th anniversary GRAVIVAK; Creates Wall Installation and show ‘The Icon of Silicon Valley’ including 65 painting-book-objects and mother painting ‘Trophie’s'< for a 7 school reunion art exhibit in Silicon Valley, California.
2000-2008: Designs: game and workshop: ‘Reunion’: ‘What counts?; workshop:‘Between Abstraction and Reality’, Workshop: ‘Building on Trust’; Art Performance:‘Enter-trainer: I’m a feature, not a teacher’; Art Performance: ‘The birth of the Art Safe’ Interactive Art; Frans Duister writes book: ‘Layers’ over Monica van Rijntogether with collectioner family Gort (BERAN b.v.) Publisher:Van Spijk Art Projects,Venlo,NL; makes Silk Screen Series ‘joint venture’ with ART 4U Amsterdam; Intratuin Kunstlijm Art Event in Heemstede; Founded Touchingart.nl and TAInterviews’. Participatant in Paint-a-Future organization which creates capital for third world regions.
2009-2011: Founded DutchArtists.eu and pop-up gallery: ‘Instant Gallery’; founded and starts DAT!~Guided-Dutch Art Tours  in Amsterdam North with Monica as your artist-guide.